TIS provides quality test equipment to the trade at the right price, along with many innovative features.

We have just introduced a unique PAT tester, the TIS 700 Elite Downloading Portable Appliance Tester, being the first tester, with a built in removable SD card which can store up to 1 million test results. Simply insert the SD card into your PC and download all the results into Excel, which produces Pass and or Fail certification with full client information. All this without paying for expensive software and ongoing annual support fees.

Our new MFTPRO, which again is a unique Multifunction Tester for the professional electrician, featuring the very first full colour TFT Touch Screen, can even be used when wearing gloves ! Built in TRMS producing accurate and repeatable readings on noisy circuits

The MFTPRO carries out all the tests required in the current 18th Edition and features an array of new tests which may be needed in the future which are mentioned in Appendix 17, such as Power Quality Analysis & Voltage Drop Measurements

(See Video link)

Other tests such as Earth Leakage, Temperature & Lux measurements are able to be carried out by the MFTPRO using accessories

Anybody ordering the MFTPRO, will receive an initial first years Calibration Certificate and vouchers for the 2nd & 3rd years Calibration Certificates Free

The only MFT with 3 years FREE Calibration, a saving approaching £200products but saving the professional electrician time and money!


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