Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd (ZG) was founded in 1987 dedicating itself to the protection against the effects of lightning on structures, power, data and antennas.

As a large product manufacturer there are more than 200 products that pass through the tests by internationally accredited professional organisations for UL, CE, CB, ETL, TÜV, MIIT certification of conformity.

ZG has prominent advantages in brand, industrial position, technology, facilities, team talents and a position as a senior member of the IEEE.

With UK based technical and commercial support ZG can give your operation an advantage in power, data, antennas and buildings protection.

All ZG Surge Protection Devices (SPD) comply with BS7671: 2008 – 17th Edition and imminent 18th Edition. This is due for release on January 1 2019 and will have considerable increases in the provision of SPD’s. We can provide guidance on the emerging standards and latest technologies for facilities protection.

One area of expertise is with the protection of wind turbines, due to its extreme exposure position, suffering the effects of a lightning strike is very high. A large number of electrical and electronic devices are integrated in the wind power generating system, these devices are concentrated in a small sized space in the system, so the effects of a lightning surge would give wind power units serious damage!