Voltimum Plus is a FREE rewards programme for electricians, contractors, and installers. We reward you points for your everyday purchases of products from top manufacturers, Schneider Electric, Philips, LINIAN, and WAGO at wholesalers, CEF, Kew Electrical, Medlock, and Shop4. You also get rewarded points when you participate in promotional events such as training and webinars. These points can then be exchanged for electrifying rewards in our extensive rewards shop! So why join? Well, first of all, it’s completely free! You also never need to upload an invoice to get your points. When you sign up you’ll be able to add your trade account number to your profile which means your points will automatically be added to your account every month – easy! We have an extensive rewards shop for you to spend your points in where you can get anything from tools to tech, and even holiday packages. You may even decide you’d like to donate some or all of your points to our partner charity the EIC. The choice is yours! If you sign up and activate your account before the 12th of November, you’ll automatically get 500 points added to your account. Find out more about Voltimum Plus and how it works on our website plus.voltimum.co.uk

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