Since 1881, Crompton products have been closely associated with high quality technological developments in all aspects of electrical instrumentation. Its product range represents one of the largest product offerings of power measurement, control and protection instruments for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs across a diverse industries including power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, defence and energy management applications.

Crompton instruments products cover all aspects of energy metering and protection starting with the Integra multi-function metering system range for the measurement and display of all electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD). MID approved energy meters, transducers and a vast range of protector trip relays complement the electronic range.

Q2C Wiring Solution provides a cost-effective system for measuring energy consumption e.g. in split load applications such as Power and Lighting loads. This solution is available with Integra multi- function metering systems such as Integra 1222 or Integra DL1 Dual Load and includes 3-in-1 current transformers, integral connectors and wiring looms for easy and quick installation.

Current transformers portfolio options include moulded case CTs with wide range of current ratings, busbar and aperture sizes, tape wound, balanced and split cores CTs with various mounting options. The traditional analogue meters range includes DIN switchboard meters, panel indicators and complementary selector switches for line-to-line and line-to-neutral readings.

To meet the challenges of the ever developing electrical measurement market Crompton designers continue to develop new products, and actively encourage the development of strategic customer partnerships for the supply of bespoke design solutions.

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