About Us

Life’s too short for boring training!

With Team Academy your people sit up and take notice because we deliver training that engages, inspires and has real impact. We start the journey with you, getting under the skin of your organisation to understand the challenges your people face. We learn about your culture, values and business objectives before designing bespoke solutions which challenge comfort zones and create challenge to maximise personal and business performance.

Sales Training

Could your sales teams be bringing in more business ? We’ve been achieving some great success recently with our dynamic sales training programmes :-

Core Selling Skills

Telephone Sales techniques

Account Management

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Leadership Development

Do you want to develop inspirational, people focused leaders ? We have a range of fantastic programmes that will help to reboot, refocus and refresh your leaders :-

First Line Manager

Exploring Leadership

Leadership Reboot

Team Building

Do you want to create high performing teams ? When teams work to their full potential they power your organisation forward. Sometimes they need a little help to get there though :-

Building a New Team

Supporting Teams in Conflict

Driving for High Performance

Customer service

Do you want to create ‘magic’ for your customers? Are your people creating awesome customer interactions that are growing your business and providing a service that you are proud of?

Delivering Moments of Magic Managing Magical Experiences Turning the Magic into Profit

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