For 30 years electrical installers in more than 20 countries rely on the patented Schnabl Fastening Systems. Our philosophy to provide an efficient fasting system that both saves installation time and therefore money, this is made possible by the creation of a wide product range providing time efficient solutions for the electrician.

The Schnabl approach is first to support & advise the electrician to optimize the most effective solution to provide the best savings on time and money. Our products have a guaranteed applied load of 40kg minimum. This achieved by not compromising in the quality, development and production of the Schnabl systems.

The unique flexibility of the Schnabl Products can achieve this benefit for the electrician is the connection ability between all products. The patented Schnabl connection system that offers great versatility of applications with a small amount of tools. A 6mm drill hole is the only needed to apply a Schnabl product in any surface such as concrete, stone, bricks, plasterboards or isolated flooring.