Saving Light Bulbs – SLB, are a leading electrical services provider for both commercial and residential properties. Our background is in lighting and we have now complemented this though the inclusion of high end electrical services and fit-out personnel to provide quality Fit-Out services at a competitive price.

We offer: –

Cost effective electrical fit-out and installation services to a high-quality specification in line with the latest standards.

Lighting design services, complete with simulations, understanding that with lighting it is always critical to get the right luminaires and lamps from a number of perspectives.

 Electrical services design.

 Advise on the choice of  particular luminaires or lamps for a specific application or the design a lighting system from the ground up.

 Design of electical systems and lighting controls.

High quality products with reliable after-sales support.

Low prices through direct sourcing and minimal overheads.

 On the supply side of SLB, we work directly with a small number of established and proven manufacturers who offer high quality products, employ rigorous testing methods and a very extensive range of technologies.

The range of products which we supply to wholesalers and electrical companies includes: –

 LED lamps and ceiling Lights

LED strip lighting incluing drivers and control systems

Commercial LEDs including Panels, 2Ds and Emergency Lighting

External lighting, including flood lighting, HI-Bay and architectural lighting

Switches sockets and Lighting Control from leading manufactures incluing Rako, Varilight and Hytronik

Our experience in low cost sourcing does give us a competitive advantage over conventional electrical services companies where we are permitted to use our own products.

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