Rako has recently launched of a number of new products and upgrades. As well as the introduction of the RAK8 mentioned above, other developments include;

WLED Modules
The range of WLED products will allow Rako’s selection of CV (constant voltage) LED dimmers to be connected directly to a wired network. This means wireless range does not need to be considered and full feedback and state tracking is present.

The new wired wallplates have been redesigned to improve energy efficiency: the power consumption is less than half of the previous wired keypad model.  Diagnostic tell-back LEDs have been added meaning that an advanced level of feedback to assist in cable fault finding can be read directly from the keypad.

The RMT-Pill is an upgrade to the old RDT-Pill. Now with 16 scene capability the RMT-Pill can operate with a neutral connection, allowing the module to control the same range of loads as an RMT500, including LEDs.

A new Hub will be introduced soon allowing IOT connectivity with links available for;
• Amazon Echo, using Alexa
• Apple Home Kit
• Google Home
• Nest
• ITTT (If This Then That

Training and customer support remains at the core of Rako’s offering. For more information and availability for our foundation and advanced training courses, email: training@rakocontrols.com