Kinetic Wireless Switches – the complete wireless solution.

Change the way you think about installing – the Quinetic range offers an inspired solution for any switching scenario. With no battery required and no wiring to the switch, the applications are limitless. There is no longer the constraint of wiring location and no need to install back boxes or cut holes in the walls. The switches can safely be installed or placed on walls, ceramic tiles, marble, glass or any smooth surface, indoors or outdoors.

The surface mount plate allows for simple and quick installations. The optional flush box and new grid switch range, compatible with Varilight, MK Logic Grid, Click and BG Nexus, make it ideal for retro-fit. The switches and receivers sync in seconds. One receiver can be controlled by up to 10 switches and one switch can control an unlimited number of receivers. The Wi-Fi enabled receiver and socket adaptor can be controlled with a Quinetic switch or via the Kinetic Switch App and are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

There are countless advantages to installing the Quinetic range. It reduces the manual labour necessary to install switches and reduces construction costs by up to 30%. The installation process of installing a new light or device is sped up resulting in massive savings in costs. No more dust or noise from drilling, the process is completely clean and with no electricity passing through the switch, is completely safe.

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