Néomitis® is a brand of Co-Intech and represented in the UK by Neomitis Ltd, both are members of the Axenco group. We are an entrepreneurial group of European industrial and commercial companies with our head office near to Lyon, France.

Néomitis Ltd is a specialist in controls & heating products for residential and small office environments. Our product range covers thermostats, programmers, timers, radiant heaters, hydraulic radiators, electric and hydronic heated towel rails and hydro-electrical heating devices for new build or renovation applications. Our company ethos is to bring both easy to install and use products to the market.
Our way of working is inspired by the desire to always exceed your expectations: anticipating and understanding your needs, focusing on outcomes, being guided by engineering excellence, and teamwork are the fundamentals of our business.

We design, test and manufacture our own products. That means we know our products inside and out, both from the technical and supply chain perspective. With this depth of knowledge we can innovate to meet your needs with improved designs, technology and processes.

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