Worryingly, a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK – catapulting the rate of tool theft up by over 30% compared to last year. Police figures further estimate that this figure has rocketed by nearly two thirds in two years.

 And it’s not just the opportunist thief ruining the livelihoods of hard-working tradespeople. Tradespeople across the country are losing out on thousands of pounds and their livelihoods, as sophisticated thieves target vans for the expensive tools inside.

You only have to analyse insurance claims data to spot a number of worrying trends – from an overall increase in the number of thefts in the last few years, to a rise in the average value of the tools being stolen.

 In another blow to tradespeople, it seems thieves have wised up to the value of various tools and are actively targeting those that are worth more money. £2,881 is the average value of tools left in UK tradespeople’s’ vans. It points to a worrying trend that shows tool thieves aren’t just opportunistic, but organised, too.

This crime is harming sole-traders and major fleet operators right across the country, with major cities in the north, midlands, and south appearing in the 10 most-targeted areas.

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