With over 200 years of combined industrial excellence and strong traditional core values at the heart of what we do, Lewden Palazzoli is well renowned as the supplier of high quality, reliable, smart solutions for power distribution for various industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Embark with us on an exciting journey of getting to know Lewden as we bring our extensive range of power distribution solutions and LED lighting, made in Italy, for industrial and commercial applications to the Event City in Manchester on our attractively designed roadshow van, fully fitted with all the key product ranges.

This can be a perfect opportunity for you to explore our new 18th edition compliant range of products including consumer units, Type 2 and Combined Type 1,2 & 3 Surge Protection devices, RCBOs and RCCBs in Class AC and Class A and RCBO-protected interlocked versions of the Caravan Hook up units, in addition to our wide range of Three Phase distribution boards, IEC60309 Plugs, sockets and interlocks, isolator switches in GRP, Metal and Aluminium and lots more !

Don’t forget to enter the lucky draw for a chance to win our branded, heavy duty Electrician’s backpack, equipped with our set of high quality tools, designed for easy tool access to help keep busy electricians organised and productive for an efficient jobsite performance.