Efficient, easy to install, and cost effective are just some of the benefits when using Farho electric heating. With a growing product range, including the launch of the new EcoGreen heater, Farho has reinforced its place as a market leading manufacturer of intelligent electric heating. This includes the brand’s range of XP heaters, which allow control and monitoring of your heating remotely, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

This unique controllability allows the user to set their own defined programmes, specifically for their use, domestically or commercially, thus only heating an individual room or property when it is required. This in turn reduces the waste of heat, energy and ultimately money. This system can also be incorporated into a complete range of NHS and Care Quality Commission approved Low Surface Temperature heaters. This enables electric heating to be installed into the homes of elderly or vulnerable people safely, whether in their own homes, or as part of a larger complex.

Farho can offer a free site surveys anywhere in the UK, and subsequent heating schemes calculating which heaters are required to provide energy efficient heating and controllability to each room and project. Farho Intelligent Heating, Keeping the UK warm.