Light switches and plug sockets have been around for over 100 years and have hardly changed since. They are extremely dated.

Although some wireless light switches and plug sockets do already exist, we’ve found they are all complicated products that no one really understands how to use high-tech touch pads and buttons, making them complicated, unfamiliar and essentially not mass-market.

At Den, we’re reinventing the light switch and plug socket, and we aim to redefine the existing standard of switches around the world.

We’re building products that we believe are far more intelligent than other wireless switches available. Even tough our products still look and work in the exact same way as an ordinary switch would they provide various benefits including energy saving, convenience, security and safety.

Features include:

  • Turn off all your chosen lights and appliances before going to bed or leaving to go to work, with one simple tap.
  • Monitor how much energy your lights and appliances are using in real time, making sure no energy is being wasted.
  • Receive a notification when you forget to turn your iron or hair straighteners off.
  • Next time your child stumbles out of bed in the middle of the night on their way to the toilet, Den’s occupancy sensor will automatically activate your lights to keep them safe.
  • Your lights can automatically flick themselves on and off when you’re away, giving off the impression your home is occupied to help prevent burglaries.
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