DART. Your tool, but better.

If you’re going to add something make it a plus. Just adding something doesn’t always make a plus… ill matched and low quality accessories can cost you time and money.

Add a DART product to your tool and we guarantee perfect compatibility with a big plus: from a full range of accessories to the Red Ten line of diamond blades and cores, we make your tool better.

Adding Extra. If it’s the bit that does the hard bit, then add the right bit.

DART’s power tool accessories are better designed for superior performance, and better engineered for exceptional durability. We only make power tool accessories, so we don’t think of them as just add-ons, they are added extras.

More. For less. Precision in everything we do means perfectly aligning quality with production and making sure it all adds up. By carefully managing our manufacturing process we guarantee not only a superior product, but also a competitive price that’s bang on target.

Goes with Everything. The DART portfolio offers an unrivalled range of great-value, high quality professional equipment. Our products are the perfect match for everyone from builders to highly skilled joiners and carpenters, complementing any job in the construction and refurbishment industry.

DART power tool accessories are designed to fit all your best-loved tools and make them look even cooler. Your tool, but better.

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