Centrica Business Solutions – Powering our customers’ ambitions

We understand the power of power. In a changing energy landscape, Centrica Business Solutions are helping our customers unlock the power of power to realise their ambitions.

  • Powering Performance: Improving operational efficiency
  • Powering Resilience: Enabling businesses to stay on 24/7
  • Powering the Future: Unlocking new sources of value and advantage for business

What Electrical Solutions offer

We cover everything from maintenance to training, enabling businesses to become more resilient, compliant and efficient.

  • Electrical Training: providing you with courses based around your actual operation
  • Design and Install: giving you greater control over your operational efficiency, energy usage, employee safety and compliance
  • Compliance and Periodic Inspection: ensuring your business meets required standards and is operating efficiently
  • Water Engineering: Providing a range of electrical maintenance and engineering services for water utility providers and treatment plants

To find out more, visit: https://centricabusinesssolutions-electrical.com/

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