Buy With Confidence is a Trading Standards approval scheme, not-for-profit and owned and operated by the local authority. All members are subject to a series of background checks and an audit visit by a Trading Standards qualified assessor before they are approved and continue to be monitored afterwards. The scheme is a partnership between more than 60 local authorities, including every Trading Standards service in the South West. It is open to businesses everywhere in the UK that have shown they follow Trading Standards legislation, offer good customer service and treat their customers fairly.

Being a member of Buy With Confidence gives you:

Access to information about changes to the law that could affect your business.
Reassurance for your customers that you provide a trustworthy service with high customer service standards.
Helps you to set your business apart from competitors.
Not for profit, so it’s purely run for the benefit of customers and the scheme’s members.
We won’t charge you for any business you get from being a member.
Access to business support services to help you deal with key business areas e.g. contracts, terms & conditions with Trading Standards knowledge and support, depending on your business requirements

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