Bright Business Advice is an award-winning business advice company, specialising in helping Mechanical & Electrical and Fire & Security contractors transform their business. The founder of the business and best-selling author, Emerson Patton, has developed the Bright 7-Sector Model, a framework for helping business owners to better Manage, Control and Grow. Through the 7 sectors of Leadership, Management, Finance, Operations, HR, Marketing and Sales, Emerson and his team of business advisers and mentors help contractor business owners put new systems and strategies in place that dramatically increase profits and provide a platform for sustainable, predictable, and profitable growth. Don’t just take our word for it though – Bright Business Advice is the first business advisory group to be awarded Commercial Associate Status of the ECA; a rigorous process that required multiple ECA members to provide testimonials of the work that Bright Business Advice has done to help transform the business. Businesses such as RJ Wilson, Wady’s Electrical, EML Electrical, Prowired Electrical and SafeSpark Electrica have implemented new systems, recruitment processes, operating models and cashflow forecasting to significantly increase their profits in a short timeframe and uplifting their customer service delivery at the same time.
“Over the last year we’ve grown the business fourfold under Bright’s guidance.” – Mark Brear, EML Electrical
“I’ve been working with Bright for 18 months and the business has been transformed.” – Paul Gedney, RJ Wilson M&E
“Bright coached us to triple the size of our business in just nine months.” – Leon Thompson, Safespark Electrical Services
“Bright have given us the structure for profitable growth.” – Danny Edmunds, Prowired Electrical

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