Beha-Amprobe – great quality testing tools for electricians. With a combined experience of over 100 years, well-known German brand Beha and US-based Amprobe have a track record to be proud of. Now joined forces, and together are committed to making your job safer, faster and easier than ever.

Almost 70 years ago in 1948, Amprobe invented the very first clamp meter, and hasn’t stopped innovating since. From multimeters to Installation Testers,  Beha-Amprobe constantly improves its designs to provide you with the very best quality tools and support.

The company’s range of electrical testing equipment covers standard equipment for any electrician, including the latest Multifunction Installation Tester the ProInstall-75-UK,  voltage detectors, noncontact voltage testers in a compact pen design, continuity phase rotation indicators for safely  establishing the phase sequence & motor rotation direction, and innovative Portable appliance testers.

Whether you need testing tools for industrial, commercial or residential applications,  Beha-Amprobe offers innovative test equipment to fit your needs. All of its tools undergo rigorous testing to ensure the quality and safety you know and trust.