Axinite is the natural choice for the professional tradesperson. We know you need reliable, robust workwear you can rely on. We know the challenges you face every day and we know no two jobs are the same. But by embracing that unpredictability with our gear we know you can handle anything, because Axinite is engineered for endurance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man band or a large company looking to fit out your team, we have a premium head to toe range of work wear and a state-of-the-art customisation service.

If you’re working in a client’s warm house with a nice cup of tea or on a cold building site winding up the apprentice, our flexible range of workwear is up to the job. Our fast-drying polos and t-shirts will keep you cool, and our insulated jackets and fur lined hooded jacket will keep you warm. Axinite has all the gear you need

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