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Armour Home provides premium products, solutions and services to the specialist hi-fi, home theatre and entertainment market in the UK and to more than 60 countries around the world. The company has also been leading the way in the design of integrated music systems, spearheaded by its innovative multi-room audio and entertainment solution, Systemline 7 (S7).

The growing demand for built-in music and audio systems has provided an exciting opportunity for professional electricians to diversify and add to the portfolio of services they provide whilst increasing their income. Naturally, electricians will already possess the expertise and skills to install many of the industry’s leading integrated music solutions and therefore all that is required is knowledge of the product itself.

Armour Home continues to work closely with professional electricians to ensure the tradesman receive the necessary training to install its products efficiently and effectively. Last year more than 100 electricians took part in Armour Home’s one-day S7 training course, providing the chance to learn more about how the solution works as well as an in-depth tutorial on the installation process. Upon completing the training course, the electricians are then added to Armour Home’s list of approved contractors who will receive direct installation requests from the company.

In addition, Armour Home has created a new interactive tool on the Systemline website to help the approved contractors connect with homeowners who are looking to purchase S7. Website visitors are given the opportunity to virtually build their own system regardless of whether they live in a house, bungalow or an apartment. Once completed, users will receive a full quotation according to the selections they have made, before being connected to a certified S7 contractor, who can liaise with the homeowner to confirm the design and plan installation.