Fike is a globally recognised supplier of products and services that protect people, critical assets and facilities from hazards such as fire. With over 65 years’ experience in manufacturing safety solutions; Fike has grown into a global company with customers and offices on 6 continents. Fike’s growth is based on 3 key principles: Innovation, Quality, and Customer Service. All Fike products and services are designed to meet or exceed customer and industry standards..

TWINFLEX®pro: 2‐Wire Fire Alarm System

A smart two wire fire alarm system incorporating the Multipoint ASD combined smoke and heat detector with optional built‐in sounder and strobe, allows the whole system to be easily installed using only one pair of wires per zone.

CIE-A-200 : Single‐ Loop Intelligent Addressable Systems

Cost‐effective and reliable solutions for a wide variety of fire detection applications. The innovative technology built into the system is designed to significantly reduce false alarms. It can support up to 200 Multipoint ASD combined detector/sounders on a single loop.

FVA-IP: Video Image Flame and Smoke Detection

The state‐of‐the‐art, camera‐based detection system, visually detects the presence of fire or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area.

FVA represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection, identifying and reacting to fire situations in their earliest stages.

Fike has the right fire protection solutions to meet your needs, your business and your budget. No matter what your application, Fike works with you to provide innovative solutions, quality made products and outstanding service.

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