LINIAN is a proud family business which was established in Glasgow in 2006 by current directors Wes and Jean Arbuckle. They invented and manufacture a range of LINIAN Fire Clips.

The original LINIAN Fire Clip was first created by Wes Arbuckle, born out of a real need to have a fastersafer and simpler way of installing cabling. Although it was primarily produced for installing fire alarm cabling, the product is multi-purpose and is suitable for installing a wide range of electrical and fire alarm cables.

The LINIAN Fire Clip is a time-saving alternative for installing fire resistant cables on brickwork, concrete, masonry, wood studs and wood beams compared to conventional methods. Perfected through years of development, this exceptional innovation looks simple – and it is. Expertly designed to save time, money and lives, this extraordinary evolution of a vital building component can ensure that every job is neater, tidier and more effective than ever.

There’s never been a more imperative time for people to consider what cable installation methods they are using. It has been proposed that regulatory changes this year could make it compulsory to use metal cable fixings within the whole installation and not only on fire resistant cables. Many engineers and installers are wondering how to meet these standards while maintaining their margins and making the most efficient use of their time. LINIAN’s patented spring leg technology and unique high standards of testing allows us them to provide a solution that no other manufacturer can offer.

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