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The Wise Controls brand was introduced in 2003 with our first product, the Wisebox. This product was solely designed to be used outside in garden lighting to enable electricians to wire lights using wireless switches and remotes that could be put anywhere within the rangeof the IP54 receiver box.
With its very easy wiring and programming, the Wisebox has become an important tool for the electrician in the modern day. With the success of the Wisebox, we have now taken this product to a new level with a new exciting range to enable electricians, architects, designers and the public, to use this product not only outside but inside to revolutionise the way the
home is wired. With the introduction of the full Wise Controls range, complicated 2 way wiring, dimming, scene control and placement of switches will be a thing of the past. This will enable designers and architects to be more flexible and creative in designing new or existing projects.
Wireless controls is not the future, it is now.


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