A new smart home seminar has just been added to the seminar program for ElexShow Manchester on the subject of the potential of becoming a smart home installer. The seminar is in conjunction with Energenie, Gira, BEG, Viking Automation, and NAPIT and will cover the following topics:

·         What is ‘Smart home’?
·         What do different smart home brands offer – e.g. the difference between wired/wireless systems
·         What is the business opportunity that the different systems can provide – size/value of market?
·         What is the ‘internet of things’?
·         What additional skills and tools would be needed to get involved?
·         How smart solutions can be more cost effective than traditional wiring solutions
·         Regulations which affect smart home installation
·         How testing/inspecting homes with smart devices can differ

Don’t miss this invaluable and informative introduction to what looks set to be a growth area. Your free entry to ElexShow also entitles you to attend all our seminars.